Residential Property Management

Specialising in Residential Block, Estate and Asset Management,
Commercial or Private Construction and Interior Finishing

About US

Bragha Construction is a provider of Property Services, delivering a fusion of traditional yet innovative property solutions to our nationwide client base.

We specialise in Property Management with a nationwide portfolio ranging from Residential apartments to Real estate Accommodation. We’re offering modern and innovative Property Service solutions, we are committed to providing excellent customer service and value our clients and their needs.

Our fresh, practical and hands on approach to property management has proved us to be very successful at building long term relationships with both property developers and tenants. We understand the importance of providing an efficient and reliable service especially in an industry where this frequently does not occur.

We use unique, custom-built services to give us the edge
We are specialised Property Management Company with a nationwide portfolio ranging from Architecture to Materials and Equipment supply.
We design versatile buildings for diverse and mixed sectors of activity. From the architectural design and functional organization to the creation, decoration and supply of equipment for the various spaces.
We always look for the best of solutions, complying with strict safety and quality standards. Our team has been thriving to satisfy the ever-growing demand for larger and more complex structures.
We offer services suited to each purpose. Our team is present in all phases of design and development of the project including the supervision of the work.
From foundations to final finishes, we strictly comply with every detail of an execution project.
We aim for superior quality and ultimate finishing with beautiful craftsmanship and durability, so that our furniture products look the same as it has just been bought even after a long period.
From decorative and technical lighting to public lighting, we seek to adapt the best equipment and solutions to the spaces, balancing design, technical aspects and energy efficiency at competitive prices.
We have a wide range of materials and decorative equipment (eg. Decor Tiles, Toiletries, etc ) that make any space an environment of comfort, originality and refinement.

Our Ideal Partners

We have unique partners from Portugal and other countries