Turnkey solution

Plan to remotely renovate or build your home in Ghana? TurnKey Solution is the product that Bragha has designed for those who live abroad and want to renovate or build their own homes in Ghana. Using new technologies like Live Streaming, Video and Voice Conferencing makes it possible to follow the works and be part of the process like you never left the country! Whom can you trust more if not yourself?

I want to build my house in Ghana but I live abroad. What are the problems?


How can I follow the works going in my absence?


Can I have an international standards service at reasonable price ?


Can I get access to professionals (plumbers, electricians………..)?


Can I have a house made with the same quality and materials I have in my home in USA or UK or Europe.


Will the final cost be within my intended budget ?


Can I trust that my money will be used to satisfy my exact need and requirement ?


....Or should I send the funds to my family to build for me ?


Can I have a turnkey solution that takes care of every work that had been done? So I can concentrate only in the final result.

How TurnKey Solution 3.0 works?
You're In Control
You have the possibility to supervise the works on daily basis remotely from your home, or wherever you are, but also being able to control the quality and costs of the works.

One Contact

So you are updated on all your different works from one source

One Contract

So we handle all the details, as well as the heavy lifting

One Cost

So you only have to pay for one service, thats the Bragha quality Service.

Instant collaboration

Using modern communication tools it is possible to have immediate feedback on how the work proceeds. For each client a group of communications is dedicated in one of the most common messaging apps.

This allows constant communication with the project manager and engineers.

Updates photos and videos allow you to see the progress of the work.

360 Smart CCTV

The presence of a camera system installed inside the site and connected to the internet will allow you to monitor in real time what is happening on site.

You can follow the process of the work from beginning to end.

Check remotely

Remotely control the building site via your phone or tablet. You can do it whenever and from anywhere you want, only need an internet connection.

Check with your eyes the respect of the timing and the progress of the work.

From A - Z

We manage all works using our own staff and trusted partners.

We employ industry professionals and contractors including technicians, designers, carpenters, foremen, plumbers, electricians and project managers.

While we take care of everything, you will only ever have to deal with one point of contact from start to finish.

Technical supervision

Each phase of the work is followed by a team of qualified technicians.

Our technical staff provides the following services:

  • Architectural design and renderings
  • Structural Design
  • Supervision of construction site work – Time planning
  • Project optimization to reduce costs